You know how great your Christian business or organisation is, because you created it. Have you ever considered telling thousands of Christian’s across the UK and around the world about how awesome your product or service is?

We know it can be a struggle and expensive to promote your business in the modern world. We also know you haven’t got a a huge marketing budget. That is why our radio advertising rates start from ONLY £15 per month. It gets even better…because you won’t be hassled by an annoying sales person.

Why not set these goals for your Christian business or organisation in 2018:
1. Get noticed by your customers.
2. Be where your customers are night and day.
3. Get them excited to check you out.

No matter what type of business or organisation you run, you can do all this through advertising on The Power Station.

We offer a 25% discount to all clients who agree to advertise with The Power Station for 12 months.

View our 2018 advertising rates here.

We have got various advertising and sponsorship opportunities, on the radio, on our website and our social media pages. Contact us for further information on 08448 709 342 or email and let us start your greatest ever advertising and marketing campaign.

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