About Us

The Power Station is a not-for-profit Christian radio station broadcasting exclusively on the Internet. We are funded 100% by listener support. We are also a registered charity in England & Wales. Our charity number is 1169226. The Power Station has been broadcasting 24 hours a day on the internet from studios based in the United Kingdom since June 2007. We play music with a difference from today's best contemporary Christian artists mixed with encouraging messages.

Over 30,000 listeners in 180 nations of the world heard our music, with its message of hope and encouragement,
in the last 12 months
. In 2015 we launched apps for Android, Apple and Blackberry devices. This means listeners can tune in using their favourite handheld device, as well as listening online and on wifi digital radios

Our Mission:
Seeing lives changed through Christian music and ministry.

Statement of Faith:
Click here to read our statement of faith.

Statement of Faith:
Click here to read our statement of faith.

Core Values:
Faith - The foundation of everything we do
Hope - Offering the message of Jesus to a hurting world
Love – Communicating the love of God through music and ministry

Internet radio:
Part of the innovative concept of The Power Station is the fact that it is available purely online. Securing a license to broadcast over the airwaves is exceptionally expensive – large amounts of traditional broadcasters’ revenues are swallowed up by government regulation. The beauty of the Internet is that it has always held dear the philosophy of the free exchange of information. While this freedom is abused so often with destructive content, we want to use the opportunity to provide good, wholesome, Christian programming to our listeners.

What is so different about The Power Station?

The station is different for a number of reasons. Firstly, we are committed to broadcasting on the Internet. Most of the Christian radio stations in the UK are aimed at the over 40's. The Power Station wants to appeal to all age groups. We also play more music compared to other Christian radio stations in the UK.

Why do you not broadcast on FM or DAB?

At moment The Power Station is committed to broadcasting via the internet. Our online listeners numbers are going from strength to strength, and we can reach more countries broadcasting via the internet. We do have future plans to expand the radio station, this means that if we can secure funding, we will look at other broadcasting options such as FM or DAB.

Can't we listen to your station's content elsewhere?

Of course, there will be some crossover with other stations with music and teaching with some of the artists and ministries being featured elsewhere. We do think however, we source programmes very cheaply so that any support given is not thrown down a black-hole of regulation and licensing.

Testimonials - What our listeners have said about The Power Station:

"Love the upbeat music and encouraging messages"...Shaun

"Your radio station is such a blessing to my family and I. It is lovely to hear such uplifting music and encouraging messages of hope. Thank you for your ministry"...Rachael

"I like the good Christian music without all the chat between the songs"...David

"The best Christian radio in the UK because you play more music from different artists"...Catherine

"Can't survive a full working day without tuning in for at least a few hours. Great show"...Mark

"A super great uk christian radio station. I love having you on my tune in app on my phone such uplifting, encouraging and up to date music"...Dayle

"We have been listening to you for three years from South Devon. The Power Station is nearly always on in our home. God Bless you and everyone else that helps you broadcast. We pray for you"...Anon